Here I go….

I want to start things off with today.  I just got done with a workout.  My customized workouts usually last around an hour.  I have been targeting my core.  I have a yoga variation mixed in with some stability exercises.  I can’t afford a coach but would love one.  I don’t want to be average I want to be awesome.

I am sitting on my couch looking out the window as I recover.  It is cold, windy and the sun has not been out at all today.  In my runners mind I need to run.  If I don’t get any miles in today I will consider the day a failure.  We recently converted a spare room in the house into a workout room.  I have some weights and a Dreadmill in there.  It’s called a Dreadmill because most trail runners frown upon running on a machine.  It is beyond boring.  I usually setup my tablet and watch YouTube videos as I run to keep me distracted.

Typical day.  An hour workout and 5 miles on the Dreadmill.  Here I go….


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