Join the Alliance

Since I was young I feel I have helped a lot of people.  I have a good grasp on empathy.  I listen well and I always have something to say.  I mostly handle uncomfortable situations with humor but my approach seems to make a difference.  There is good in all.  Sometimes you have to help guide in order for the good to be noticed.  The people I have helped along the way become great and loyal friends.  My friends joke that I am building an army.  This army is just a great network of people that have something positive to offer the world.

Last night I was getting my mileage in on the dreadmill.  I usually have my tablet playing The Ginger Runner.  He is a Runner/YouTube god.  The videos he puts out are very informative and inspiring.  I also have my cell propped up because I think I am important and I am connected to the internet like the borg.  I am one of those people that if they don’t respond in a timely matter I start to have anxieties.  I had a few miles in and I feeling the creative runners high starting.  Bam.  I received an awesome text from an old friend.

wp-1485621428087.png That was the highlight of my day.  Thank you old friend.  Hopefully I reach more than just friends and family to make a difference.  The Rebellion has started.


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