JAN 23-29 Recap

Strava. Strava. Strava.  This is the one tool I use to track all my training.  If I am doing yoga, core and stability I put it under workout.  I usually have a routine that takes around an hour to complete.  The dreadmill, road and trail is under a run.

I am looking at two things so far with my running.  Mileage of course.  I want to do something small around 30 miles on average a week.  That would include dreadmill and outdoors activities.  The other would be Elevation Gain.

Cumulative elevation gain – Wikipedia

In running, cycling, and mountaineering, cumulative elevation gain refers to the sum of every gain in elevation throughout an entire trip. It is sometimes also known as cumulative gain or elevation gain, or often in the context of mountain travel, simplygain. Elevation losses are not counted in this measure.


The above image is the elevation for Jan 23-29 from my Strava profile.  I did a hill repeat run on Saturday that was almost 1,500 feet of gain.  Most of my 5 mile routes are around 400 feet of gain.  So I would like to average around 1,000 feet of gain a week for the next month.

The Hyner View Trail 50k Challenge is my first scheduled race on April 22nd.  This race is around 4,300 feet of gain in the race.


February is going to be the last basic month for training.  I am still figuring out little things to tweak my plans for next month.   March I will have a daily calendar and some big time goals.
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Join the Alliance

Since I was young I feel I have helped a lot of people.  I have a good grasp on empathy.  I listen well and I always have something to say.  I mostly handle uncomfortable situations with humor but my approach seems to make a difference.  There is good in all.  Sometimes you have to help guide in order for the good to be noticed.  The people I have helped along the way become great and loyal friends.  My friends joke that I am building an army.  This army is just a great network of people that have something positive to offer the world.

Last night I was getting my mileage in on the dreadmill.  I usually have my tablet playing The Ginger Runner.  He is a Runner/YouTube god.  The videos he puts out are very informative and inspiring.  I also have my cell propped up because I think I am important and I am connected to the internet like the borg.  I am one of those people that if they don’t respond in a timely matter I start to have anxieties.  I had a few miles in and I feeling the creative runners high starting.  Bam.  I received an awesome text from an old friend.

wp-1485621428087.png That was the highlight of my day.  Thank you old friend.  Hopefully I reach more than just friends and family to make a difference.  The Rebellion has started.


Here I go….

I want to start things off with today.  I just got done with a workout.  My customized workouts usually last around an hour.  I have been targeting my core.  I have a yoga variation mixed in with some stability exercises.  I can’t afford a coach but would love one.  I don’t want to be average I want to be awesome.

I am sitting on my couch looking out the window as I recover.  It is cold, windy and the sun has not been out at all today.  In my runners mind I need to run.  If I don’t get any miles in today I will consider the day a failure.  We recently converted a spare room in the house into a workout room.  I have some weights and a Dreadmill in there.  It’s called a Dreadmill because most trail runners frown upon running on a machine.  It is beyond boring.  I usually setup my tablet and watch YouTube videos as I run to keep me distracted.

Typical day.  An hour workout and 5 miles on the Dreadmill.  Here I go….