Year by year. Progress. Living in the part of the world that I do I get to run all year around. The winters get cold so I do take time off to be human again.

The last 2 months I have been running and training once or twice a week rather than 6-7 days. I eat whatever. Drink soda. My body has lost a lot of muscle and I can feel the adverse effects of not being regimented.

December I hit the reset button and start over. I am slowly getting monthly plans together for upcoming races. Nutrition is a mystic art that I will study until the end of time.

I have been mapping out Mt Knob which is 1.1 miles from my house. It is 1.25 miles to the top and is around 800ft of climb. I also have the cornfield which is right off my back pourch. That is 0.5 miles to the top and is 285ft to the top. For some odd reason the dreadmill is harder than anything I do outdoors.

What little I am doing I am noticing my lungs are shot, my core is nonexistent and I am not as limber as I used to be. Restarting. Month one & two may suck a bit but superhero training isn’t supposed to be easy.

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

4 thoughts on “Restarting.

  1. I’ve only gone through one winter since starting trial running/ regular training and I throttled back last December and January. I don’t think it affected my conditioning much. I consider it time to heal since I’m always doing hero training! Thanks for the follow. Fun to connect with random people sharing similar passions

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