Dreadmill Kinda Night

This year I am going to hit many areas of improvement.  Getting hurt is going to be avoided.  CrossFit, Yoga & Speed Crap.  I need to find the balance and structure it out.  I need some miles with elevation but the thing I hate the most is speed crap.

I have an old school treadmill(Dreadmill).  I am able to do a small manual incline setting at a 9% grade.  I asked Google ( cause it’s what you do now a days for everything ) on how many feet of elevation I would climb in a mile.  It’s around 400ft or so.

I am still in the figuring out stages.  I am going to use the Dreadmill in my plans.  I setup my tablet and watch YouTube.  Distraction from my everyday life.  Distraction from the running pains.  Becoming stronger.  Smiling a lot more.


Here is a little Boyd Tinsley from the Dave Matthews Band.  I jam to this sometimes as I run to keep me motivated.

Check out this run on STRAVA

Click Here for Rosser Runs YouTube Channel

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