To The Top

Top the top of the mountain I go.  When I will stop…  well I am just starting.  As I am in the pretraining stage.  Soon my friend.  Soon.

The weather is hit or miss lately. It will snow one day then the next day its cold and windy. I had the day off from work life so I took advantage and decided to map out some more mountain trails by my house.

I am still figuring out next years main race schedule. I think I am going to stick with my main bread and butter 100k in June and 100 miler in August but with another 100k or 100 miler sprinkled in there. Once I figure out the main core races I will get the training plan broken down into weeks and days. I will vlog, blog and try and make an interesting documentation of progress. I am confident that I can make some big goals this year and destroy them.

I will hopefully be able to setup my own 50k and 100k on the mountain by my house.  The 50k would be around 10,000ft of elevation and double that for the 100k.  I will not fail this year.  I can’t climb the ladder of success with my hands in my pockets.

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