The Sound of Music

Running is a form of meditation for me.  Ever since I started my running journey my life has been different.  Different in a good way.  It gave me opportunities that  I would never have before.  I am trying some different things.  I am going to be as transparent as possible and hopefully it inspires people, holds me accountable and helps me achieve my goals.

I started the Rosser Runs YouTube Channel mainly for my friends and family.  The stories I told them seemed made up.  I couldn’t articulate the beauty in what I saw and what I was doing.  So I started to video everything and made a channel.  The thing is it started to grow a little more than friends and family.  This was unexpectedly awesome.

I always ran with music.  It helped me to concentrate on the sounds and not the pain.  I was never talented in playing an instrument but I was able to playlist and make old school mix tapes.  I found a cool free program for the PC that had beats and loops and gave making music from scratch a try.  I added what I made as background music in several of my videos.  I had a friend ask my for some of the music so I just started to upload them to the channel.

As I create new music I will add it to the Original Music Playlist on my channel.  Feel free to use any of it how you want just add a link back to the page.  The instructions are available in the descriptions of the songs.

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