Climbing Mt. Everest


I am a YouTube man.  I don’t watch TV but I watch endless videos on YouTube.  I get inspired from watching people that overcome personal adversities.  I like to see people set goals so high they seem unattainable and then reach them.  90% of the videos have to do with some type of running in locations that I will only see in these videos or hear about in tales of glory.


There is one channel I am a big fan of, “Run Steep Get High“. The channel is filmed, edited & produced entirely by Jamil Coury, founder of Aravaipa Running & Run Steep Gcet High.  He is considered an elite runner and mingles with the best runners in the world.  His mini documentaries  are top notch and gets me motivated to run.  A few set of videos were centered around running up big hills and mountains to get elevation gain.  Most Ultra Runners are just as interested on how much they have climbed as compared to as how far they have ran.  He had a goal in June of 2016 to complete 130,000 Feet of Climbing in one month.

I am still on the medium level of ultra running so running 130,000 feet of elevation in a month might be a tad bit out of reach for me.  I decided to run a smaller, scaled down version of this insanity and only run the height of Mt. Everest.   The current official height of 8,848 m (29,029 ft) is going to be my goal for one month.  I am going to publish everything on my Strava Profile so everything is tracked.  I will video everything and either make an individual series on Rosser Runs Youtube Channel or just add it into my vlog series called, “the origins“.


The above image is a test run I did to see if I was able to accomplish this goal.  I have a giant rolling cornfield attached to my back yard that goes up .6 miles.  It averages around 280 feet of elevation gain from my backdoor to the top of the hill.  The object of the game is going to run this hill 4 times a day.  That will average me out at 4 miles of distance with over 1,100 feet of elevation gain per day.  If I do that for the month I will get over 30,000 feet of elevation gain which will be more than that of Mt. Everest.

Inspire People.  Be Awesome.


Being Liked

I am a socially motivated person.  If I post something and I get a few kudos and comments I am pumped.  Then somehow I started to get more and more.  As in I was getting over 1,000 kudos per post.  I gathered a list of little things I do that gets me some happiness.


1. Creative Title


Renaming your activity is key.  No one wants to see, “Evening Run”.  Keep the title short save the long description for the description.  I make the title to go with the picture.

2. Take a Picture


I am a picture guy.  I take a million pictures a day.  I see some inspiring things when I adventure in the outdoors.  I am not a selfie person but at times I show my mug to personalize the picture.  People don’t want to see your stats they want to see the journey.

3. Tell a story

I like to tie everything together.  I have a million thoughts and ideas running through my brain.  I see things on my adventures that only people on foot would see.  Getting the title, picture and description to help tell a story of that particular activity is key.

4. Be social

If someone makes a comment on your post reply back.  Interact with people.  There are a bunch of people that like my activities that I go and creep their profile and like their activities as well.  If you were every on a run or workout with my I love to high five.  What is better than a virtual high five when you can’t be there.

5. Go on an adventure

I have my normal training routes that I run often just like everyone else.  There has to be changes to the routines at times.  New trails.  Long runs.  Group activities.  Peopole will feel the excitement and pride when they see what you did. I film most of my runs with my GoPro. I edit them and put them on Rosser Runs YouTube Channel.  I try and link them back to my Strava Profile in the descriptions.

6. Share your stuff

I share all my runs and workouts. It depends on the distance and the elevation to what I actually post. If it is just a short run or a workout I post one of the photos. If it’s 15+ miles I post the distance. If I get over 1000 feet of elevation gain I post the gain.  I share it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram linking the post back to my Strava Profile.

7.  Be in a club

I think clubs are a great idea. Your feed is organized with the people in these clubs for better interaction. There is a lot of discussions and camaraderie within the clubs to keep you motivated.  Those are the people that are really watching you.  If they are showing up in your feed you are showing up in their feed.  Giving someone a Kudos and comment can really make their activity special.

8.  Be active

Take credit for what you do. People will recognize that you are posting multiple activities.  You will inspire more people by showing up in their feed multiple times.  If you do a 30 minute yoga session, take a picture and post it.  The same if you are doing a CrossFit workout.  The more active I see people the more I do more myself.

Just remember, I am not an elite runner.  I am just a normal guy training to complete Eastern States 100.  I am documenting the journey so everyone can see that it is possible.  Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

Body Fat Test


Body fat percentage is supposed to be a better measurement of fitness level because it doesn’t calculate with your height and weight.  Most people think of BMI (Body Mass Index) as a main indicator of fitness but I feel that it is just a good guide since people vary in size and shape.  Body builders may have limited body fat but may show up with a high BMI due to their weight and height.

As part of my training we are getting a better understanding of my foundations.  Running I can see progress with certain numbers.  I can judge things like pace, distance and elevation gain but that plateaus with just running alone.  That is why I introduced CrossFit into the equation.  I am only a week into the training and I can see my body is not even close to where I thought it was or where it should be.  New numbers to look at.  New statistics to follow progress on.  New muscle memory that my body had no idea existed before.  New ways to drive me insane.

I started back into training early December.  When I say started, I mean started over.  It took me a few weeks to be able to run without pain. Strava had a running challenge the last week of December to run 32 miles for the week and I accomplished it.  It felt good to get back out and run.  I also changed my nutrition in December and lost 12 pounds.  When I got measured today I was happy with the results.  As a 40 year old male I fell into the average category (yellow) with 20.4% body fat.  Now I have another number to be compulsive over which is GREAT(joking not joking).  Nutrition, exercise & positive attitude will always keep me on my quest to better myself.  I will do what it takes to accomplish my goals.

Just Running?

Ignorance is bliss.  The more I read, the more podcasts I listen to the more videos I watch the more I see that I won’t make my goals on, “Just Running.”  I have been pretty disciplined with my training the last 2 months.  I started over.  I had a hip flexor problem that got out of control and killed my running for months.  Walking was even an issue.  So I had to rethink everything.  Nutrition was changed.  I started running little by little.  Introduced some yoga and some strength training.  It gets adjusted as I learn but I am light years ahead of last year at this time.  I am not a coach.  I am not qualified to train a runner.  So I made a huge leap of faith.  I crossed over.  As into CrossFit.

Shout out!  I started at CrossFit Hereafter. Jake Stabley is the owner of the gym and is brave enough to take on an ultra runner as a project.  I thought I was in some type of shape.  Boy was I wrong.  After a few classes I feel like my muscles are dying a death of a thousand paper cuts.  I have never been so eager to torture myself.  When I leave the class I feel I have worked every part of my existence.  Very similar to how I feel after a long trail run.  Blood, sweat & tears but without the blood and extra sweat.

They say that it isn’t the destination it is all about the journey.  I have been taking my GoPro with me everyday.  I am going to piece together some videos and show everybody some of that journey.  I am going to put it on my Rosser Runs YouTube channel.  Please follow along and keep me motivated.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

Distance or Elevation???

It’s the little thing in life that drive us crazy.  Since I don’t have a real coach I look towards the interwebs for direction.  What questions do I ask?  Who do I ask?  I either get so much information I can’t digest it or I get meaningless information.  So here is the dilemma.  The races I have this year are up to 100 miles but the elevation is equally as brutal climbing over 20,000 feet in one race.  So do I train distance heavy or elevation heavy?  Where is the balance?

Upcoming Races: PA Triple Crown

Eastern States 100 = 20,000+ of elevation gain.

World’s End 100k = 12,000+ of elevation gain.

Hyner View 50k = 4,300+ of elevation gain.

Generic math.  Say on hills I average 15 min miles.  That would be 4 miles per hour.  On regular road runs I will average 10 min miles.  That would be 6 miles per hour.  Here is the breakdown.

Hills 20 miles = 5 hours(ish)  around 5,000 feet of gain

Road 20 miles= 3 hours(ish)  around 2,000 feet of gain

Training is training.  I am just as destroyed after completing either or.  So what do I concentrate on the Distance or the Elevation?
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