Inter to outer

Striving for SELF realization rather than IMAGE realization. If you take away the image what do you have? Just yourself.

My only sure reward is “IN” my actions not “FROM” them.

Inter to outer. I am to fucused on productivity. When do you get to the point of being satisfied with the day?

I am working on turning the machine back on. I was always my happiest when I worked a 10-12 day then still came home and was a machine. Working not only for the “MAN” but for the family and on personal growth.

Running. It is more than just training, it is therapy for my Mind Body and Soul. It’s not a question on how can I fit running into my day. It is the question on how can I fit the day into running.

One day the storm of bullet pointed thoughts will shine in clarity. As for now I will enjoy the rain.

Keywords: Focus, Determination, Balance

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