Race Report Hyner 50k 

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The journey has officially started.  This year’s official races fall under the Pennsylvania Triple Crown.  It is the Hyner View Challenge 50k, the Worlds End Endurance 100k & the Eastern States 100 miler.  This past weekend was the first of the 3 races with the Hyner 50k.

I was a little bit nervous for this first race.  I had no clue on how my personal training plan was working.  Last year I ended up with Lymes Disease and was unable to run for several months.  I was on crutches for a while not being able to walk well.  I thought running was over.  As I slowly recovered I decided to change things up this year.  I wanted to build a stronger foundation for myself.  I worked on mostly strength training by doing crossfit 5 days a week with limited running.  The running will increase as the season moves on.  The 50k race was just a gauge to see how far along my training is actually going.  I don’t have a coach so I make things up as I go along. Trying to balance work and personal life with training is very difficult.

The weather on race day started out a little bit chilly with some unexpected rain.  The whole course was highly technical, muddy and uphill.  My Garmin had me finish with over 8,900 feet of elevation climb.  The week before the race we had a lot of rain so the whole course had waterfalls and streams cutting through the paths we were running on.  It really added to the difficulty but made the run so much more fun.  I did finish.  I actually did better than expected and I felt better than expected.  My training seems to be working.

Here is my race recap video. The race seemed all uphill running through raging streams. What a great time.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

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