Chasing Unicorns


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This past season has really enlightened me.  Running woke my soul up.  I have been more active in the last few months and more aware of my surroundings than I have ever been in my life.  I see things I wouldn’t normally see because I am more aware.

My biggest obstacle in running ultra distances is the nutrition part.  I can physically run forever but I can seem to figure out the math to keep my head straight.  Typical tunnel vision,  cloudiness and poor decision making when the energy starts to fade.  My body fights me when I am out on the trails.  I say eat and my body says nope.   I really have to force chew and swallow.  I added it to my training.  I carry little cuties, which are tiny oranges and I eat a few of them to get my stomach used to food while moving.  During races I usually drink Tailwind and raid the aid stations for fruit.  I target about 200-300 calories an hour to stay alive but at times it feels like I ate nothing.  Am I eating the right things?  Am I eating enough?

The biggest thing I learned was to slow down a bit and enjoy the run.  I used to be attached to a number of pace, distance or elevation but I am not anymore.  I have game plans and I use them as a guide only.  I run towards a certain distance.  I alter paths and roads as I go depending on the day and the beauty of the trail.  I explore more and have fun.

On one of my last runs I was talking to myself like a crazy person.  I was pushing it and I coached myself to look up and see the beautiful day around me.  Thirty seconds later I heard a bunch of rustling in the woods.  I looked to the right of me and there it was.  I saw a baby unicorn.  Well it looked like one.  It was actually an albino deer.  It has been in my area for several years now and pops up from time to time.  The moral of the story is if I didn’t take a deep breath and enjoy the run I would have steam rolled right by it.

Forward to around 1:20 in the video to see the albino deer (baby unicorn)

I carry my GoPro with me when I train.  Thank goodness I had it with me because I got some footage of the unicorn for my vlog.  I have limited equipment but I am starting to get the hang of documenting my experiences better.  What would you like me to talk about?  I have a 50k, 100k and 100 miler that I am training for.  Any questions or thoughts please put it in a comment.  Thank you.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

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