40 Mile Run

IMG_20170409_195421_300Up, up and away.  This was a great weekend for a training run.  We got to visit one of my upcoming race courses in a 2 days training session.  These are called preview runs.  These preview runs are a blessing because you get to run with people and explore the course before race day.  It gives you a mental advantage because you will be running some of the course at night and some of the twists and turns are tricky if you are not paying attention.

So the preview runs were broken down into 2 separate days.  Day 1 (link to that days Strava profile) was the first 19 miles of the course.  This is a very technical, rocky and mud filled experience.  This day we did around 3,500ft of elevation gain.

Day 2 (link to that days Strava profile) was a beautiful, warm and sunny day.  This portion started at High Knob aid station which is around mile 35 at race day.  This portion had a lot more runable areas but way more water crossings.  It was 22 miles of uphill climbs that felt forever.  This day was around 5,000ft of elevation gain.

Overall, the weekend was a success.  I met some other great runners, got 40 miles in and over 8,000ft of elevation gain.  The Worlds End 100k course is going to be a difficult challenge that I am looking forward to completing.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

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