On Top of the Mountain

Mission accomplished!  I completed the 30 day challenge in 28 days.  I am happy I started something like this.  It was great training and I learned a lot.

Mt Everest Challenge Week No. 4 Review

Challenge Day Todays Miles Total Miles Miles Left
22 Day Total 20,132 20,132 8,897
Day No. 23 1,060 21,192 7,837
Day No. 24 2,067 23,259 5,770
Day No. 25 1,302 24,561 4,468
Day No. 26 1,273 25,834 3,195
Day No. 27 1,514 27,348 1,681
Day No. 28 1,994 29,342  COMPLETED

The days in the above chart are links to my Strava profile for the corresponding run. The graphic below is from my Strava profile with the days I ran and the elevation totals on those days.

Screenshot (16)

Things I learned.

  1. Set goals.  This works on so many levels.  Goals within goals.  My main goal is to complete my 100 miler.  So I have to setup the mini goals to obtain it.  If I didn’t do this challenge there would be no way I would have put in the effort I did.
  2. Excuses and Reasons.  There was many days I was just to tired to run.  I am doing crossfit 5 days a week along with running elevation.  So a few days I made excuses and did not run (I had to make it up another day).  Then there was an actual blizzard of 2+feet of snow.  That was a reason for a break (had to make that up spread out over several days).  The moral of the story is get’er done.  Doesn’t matter what is going on around you.  If you say you are going to do it there is no excuse or reason for you not to complete the task at hand.
  3. I hate winter.  Snow is beautiful for about 1 day.  After that it gets in the way.  I had a blast with the kids but I want warmer weather so I can be outdoors more.
  4. Bunch of running crap.  My posture sucks going uphill and I improved on that.  I figured out my turnover.  Smaller faster steps which I still need improvement on.  My downhill is a little more controlled rather than huge hard landing steps.  The biggest thing was I learned on was how to run in the now.  I didn’t stress on how much more I had to do or how much was already completed.  I just ran and had fun.


Another super cool thing is that I am ranked 844 out of 73,555 people.  Strava does the same climbing challenge every month to earn a badge.  It means nothing but it is a little bit of a motivator.  I looked at this the past week and was excited to run more to break into the top 1,000.  So it worked.


On a side note.  I follow Sally Mcrae and elite runner.  She is super awesome.  She posted about what training everyone did that week and I posted my video of the dogs and I running in a blizzard.  She actually watched it and responded.   Here is the link to the video.  I was so pumped.  My wife made fun of me for being so excited.   Great week.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.


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