Celebrating 100+ Followers


I am a talker, more of a doer but never thought of myself as a writer.  I have great ideas but it is hard for me to translate them from the crowd of voices in my head to paper.  Most of the time it is just going to be a bunch of jumbled words that flow unfiltered to this blog.  I hope that most people understand it and/or are slightly entertained by it.

If you are a runner you will relate to tracking things.  When I first started 5 years ago I tracked pace and lived by it.  Then it went into mileage, elevation, calories & a billion other things.  All which are important but doesn’t really matter to a non-elite person.  They are just little bookmarks or guides to help you better yourself.  Embarking on something like completing a 100 mile mountain race I think deserves some tracking.  As in, tracking the journey not the individual stats.  So I started this blog and “the origins” a series on my YouTube channel to document what I can.

To have people follow and like what I do is pretty motivating.  To have more than 100 strangers follow you is insane and humbling.  Thank you for caring and for all the positive energy and comments.  If you have any questions about my training or any suggestions on what to blog or video let me know.  Thank you again 100+ followers.

Be awesome.  Inspire people.

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