Falling Behind


Mt Everest Challenge Week No. 3 Review

Challenge Day Todays Miles Total Miles Miles Left
15 Day Total 15,469 15,469 13,560
Day No. 16 1,145 16,614 12,415
Day No. 17 289 16,903 12,126
Day No. 18 SNOW 16,903 12,126
Day No. 19 SNOW 16,903 12,126
Day No. 20 FAIL 16,903 12,126
Day No. 21 1,145 18,048 10,981
Day No. 22 2,084 20,132 8,897

The days in the above chart are links to my Strava profile for the corresponding run.


Reasons or excuses?  Reasons or excuses?  Reasons or excuses?  The bottom line is that I am behind in my elevation to make my goal.  The 2 feet of snow we received really put a hurting on me.  My family does not own a snowblower (pity party) so I became the human snowblower.   Now I have the back of a 90 year old man.  Suck it up buttercup, am I right?

Reasons or excuses?  Reasons or excuses?  Life and more snow made a few days somewhat unsafe and unproductive for me to run.  I made a few adjustment and decided to go slow and steady on the same path I have been taking for the whole challenge.  I chose to wear my military boots for the snow trekking  since some spots of the snow is past my knees.  It was definitely the right choice but my knees and ankles will need some time after this week to recover.

Will I hit the 29,029 feet goal of the challenge?  I am not the type to fail at things.  I have a little over 20,000 feet in for the month.  So as long as I stay on course and hit my typical 1,100 feet per day I have this in the bag.  Determination.  Dedication.  Most importantly Discipline.  Positive thoughts please.  See you at the top.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

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