Socially Motivated


Train.  Train.  Train or be derailed I read in a book once.  I am not comfortable in front of a camera and my writing is around a third grade level.  So why not attack both and be socially awkward for millions to see.  I want to put myself out to the world, not to be cool but to hold myself accountable to my goals.

I think what I do is pretty cool.  The idea of running up mountains for 30+ hours straight is pretty insane to the normal person.  Friends and family push me to document, “the journey”.  So I decided to figure out how to do it.  Social media is my new side job.

Where do you even begin?  Yes, what I do is interesting but how do you show others in a way for them to think it’s as kick ass cool as it actually is?  I will break down the basics of what I did and why.  Things are in the beginning stages of awesomeness.

1. Strava – This is the link to my Strava profile.  I track all my runs and cycling on here.  I take CrossFit 5 days a week.  I used to post those but it got to be to much.  I have it to where almost every post I publish gets around 1k likes.  I feel cool because most elites don’t even touch that statistic.  Being Liked is a previous article I wrote explaining how I get so many Kudos (that is a strava like).

2. Instagram -This is the link to my Instagram profile.  I add something to this almost everyday.  It is usually a clever but  dumb selfie I take and I caption it with the training stats for the day.  The cool thing about this is I can post certain video clips and it attaches to my Facebook page.  That kills 2 birds with one stone. (Disclaimer: I never killed a bird before.)

3. Facebook – This is the link to my Facebook profile.  I have 2 accounts in facebook.  I have my personal one and I have my RosserRuns account.  The reason I have 2 of them is so I can keep all the sarcastic, funny everyday posts on my personal account.  The RosserRuns account I have 99.99% running related things attached to it.  This is easier to keep life organized.  My feed is all running.  I do Facebook live often.  I add photos in an OCD way that I don’t post on any of the other media outlets.  Any cool article and videos I see from around the interwebs I post to the running page.  Friend requests are welcome.

4. YouTube – This is the link to my YouTube channel.  This is the one I am making the most progress at.  I have an old school commodore 64 as a computer so my software crashes upon every edit I make.  I have a GoPro and a Samasung Galaxy S5 that I take all of my photos and videos on.  I have 2 series that I am currently working on.

  • 30 Seconds – I am in the middle of a climbing Mt Everest Challenge.  The jist of that is I am trying to climb over 29,000ft in 30 days.  Most of my training I take the GoPro out with me to get footage.  If I get some good footage that day I put together a 30second preview and link my strava run to it.  I save the longer edits for my origions series.
  • the origions – This is my work in progress.  I enjoy this the most.  I figure out new editing techniques each week.  The videos get longer and I receive more feedback which I use for the next episode.  This I want to pump out a video or two a week showing my training.  So this I will have my crossfit, cycling and running in the videos.  The Eastern States 100 that I am training for isn’t until August so I should get a lot of videos in by then.

I am not that comfortable in front of the camera yet.  I guess it comes with time.  Just like everyone else I have the self image thing going on.  Each video gets more of my talking and explaining things which I see as a plus.  Very shortly I will be doing reviews on the gear that I use.   I am not sponsored and I don’t get any freebies so what I review will be just from my experience with the product.  My main thing is just to get some real content on the channel so people have a reason to subscribe and come back.  If you have any ideas for the channel I will listen to them.

5. WordPress Blogs – This is the link to my RosserRuns blogs.  At times my words are unfiltered thoughts that flow from my chaotic brain.  I want to have this site as the main hub to all that is RosserRuns.  I will get a few articles in a week.  I may also have some guest writers doing alternative stories to reach a larger audience.  I have a web design background so I will have the article as interactive as possible with clickable links and widgets.  One day when I upgrade the account I will have videos embedded as well to make life easier for all.

Like, Follow & Share.  Blah. Blah. Blah.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

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