Up, Up & No Way!

Mt Everest Challenge Week No. 1 Review

Challenge Day Todays Miles Total Miles Miles Left
Day No. 1 1,729 1,729 27,300
Day No. 2 1,178 2,907 26,122
Day No. 3 295 3,202 25,827
Day No. 4 1,480 4,682 24,347
Day No. 5 1,181 5,863 23,166
Day No. 6 Fail 5,863 23,166
Day No. 7 Fail 5,863 23,166
Day No. 8 1,742 7,605 21,424
The days in the above chart are links to my Strava profile for the corresponding run. 

Not a total failure.  I have built in fail safes. Unexpected family plans arose and I was in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia ish.  Running was an option but everything is flat and I would have been wasting my time.  I will just add a few extra feet onto some of my runs this week to make up the slack.

I am using Strava so the numbers are traceable and standard.  The only downfall is that Strava starts the week on Monday when I start the week on Sunday.  So there is a one day layover from when I started.  This will be a 30 day challenge from the start day.  I am not the type of person that just barely makes his goals.  I usually destroy them.

I am working on video logs for the challenge on my YouTube channel. Please check it outn and leave a comment on what you think.  Like, share, subscribe for updates & blah blah blah social media plugs.  The vlogs are called 30 seconds because I want them as short glimpses into that day.  Longer videos will be created weekly.

I appreciate feedback on the challenge and my progress.  If you have any other ideas on running challenges that would help my training for elevated 100 milers I am game.

Be awesome. Inspire people. 

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