Climbing Mt. Everest


I am a YouTube man.  I don’t watch TV but I watch endless videos on YouTube.  I get inspired from watching people that overcome personal adversities.  I like to see people set goals so high they seem unattainable and then reach them.  90% of the videos have to do with some type of running in locations that I will only see in these videos or hear about in tales of glory.


There is one channel I am a big fan of, “Run Steep Get High“. The channel is filmed, edited & produced entirely by Jamil Coury, founder of Aravaipa Running & Run Steep Gcet High.  He is considered an elite runner and mingles with the best runners in the world.  His mini documentaries  are top notch and gets me motivated to run.  A few set of videos were centered around running up big hills and mountains to get elevation gain.  Most Ultra Runners are just as interested on how much they have climbed as compared to as how far they have ran.  He had a goal in June of 2016 to complete 130,000 Feet of Climbing in one month.

I am still on the medium level of ultra running so running 130,000 feet of elevation in a month might be a tad bit out of reach for me.  I decided to run a smaller, scaled down version of this insanity and only run the height of Mt. Everest.   The current official height of 8,848 m (29,029 ft) is going to be my goal for one month.  I am going to publish everything on my Strava Profile so everything is tracked.  I will video everything and either make an individual series on Rosser Runs Youtube Channel or just add it into my vlog series called, “the origins“.


The above image is a test run I did to see if I was able to accomplish this goal.  I have a giant rolling cornfield attached to my back yard that goes up .6 miles.  It averages around 280 feet of elevation gain from my backdoor to the top of the hill.  The object of the game is going to run this hill 4 times a day.  That will average me out at 4 miles of distance with over 1,100 feet of elevation gain per day.  If I do that for the month I will get over 30,000 feet of elevation gain which will be more than that of Mt. Everest.

Inspire People.  Be Awesome.

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