Being Liked

I am a socially motivated person.  If I post something and I get a few kudos and comments I am pumped.  Then somehow I started to get more and more.  As in I was getting over 1,000 kudos per post.  I gathered a list of little things I do that gets me some happiness.


1. Creative Title


Renaming your activity is key.  No one wants to see, “Evening Run”.  Keep the title short save the long description for the description.  I make the title to go with the picture.

2. Take a Picture


I am a picture guy.  I take a million pictures a day.  I see some inspiring things when I adventure in the outdoors.  I am not a selfie person but at times I show my mug to personalize the picture.  People don’t want to see your stats they want to see the journey.

3. Tell a story

I like to tie everything together.  I have a million thoughts and ideas running through my brain.  I see things on my adventures that only people on foot would see.  Getting the title, picture and description to help tell a story of that particular activity is key.

4. Be social

If someone makes a comment on your post reply back.  Interact with people.  There are a bunch of people that like my activities that I go and creep their profile and like their activities as well.  If you were every on a run or workout with my I love to high five.  What is better than a virtual high five when you can’t be there.

5. Go on an adventure

I have my normal training routes that I run often just like everyone else.  There has to be changes to the routines at times.  New trails.  Long runs.  Group activities.  Peopole will feel the excitement and pride when they see what you did. I film most of my runs with my GoPro. I edit them and put them on Rosser Runs YouTube Channel.  I try and link them back to my Strava Profile in the descriptions.

6. Share your stuff

I share all my runs and workouts. It depends on the distance and the elevation to what I actually post. If it is just a short run or a workout I post one of the photos. If it’s 15+ miles I post the distance. If I get over 1000 feet of elevation gain I post the gain.  I share it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram linking the post back to my Strava Profile.

7.  Be in a club

I think clubs are a great idea. Your feed is organized with the people in these clubs for better interaction. There is a lot of discussions and camaraderie within the clubs to keep you motivated.  Those are the people that are really watching you.  If they are showing up in your feed you are showing up in their feed.  Giving someone a Kudos and comment can really make their activity special.

8.  Be active

Take credit for what you do. People will recognize that you are posting multiple activities.  You will inspire more people by showing up in their feed multiple times.  If you do a 30 minute yoga session, take a picture and post it.  The same if you are doing a CrossFit workout.  The more active I see people the more I do more myself.

Just remember, I am not an elite runner.  I am just a normal guy training to complete Eastern States 100.  I am documenting the journey so everyone can see that it is possible.  Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

3 thoughts on “Being Liked

    • I used to be solely transfixed on the stats of my run. Then as training got more intense it felt like a job. So I changed my perspective on things. I still train for 100 milers but I do it with a smile and enjoy the journey. 🙂


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