Body Fat Test


Body fat percentage is supposed to be a better measurement of fitness level because it doesn’t calculate with your height and weight.  Most people think of BMI (Body Mass Index) as a main indicator of fitness but I feel that it is just a good guide since people vary in size and shape.  Body builders may have limited body fat but may show up with a high BMI due to their weight and height.

As part of my training we are getting a better understanding of my foundations.  Running I can see progress with certain numbers.  I can judge things like pace, distance and elevation gain but that plateaus with just running alone.  That is why I introduced CrossFit into the equation.  I am only a week into the training and I can see my body is not even close to where I thought it was or where it should be.  New numbers to look at.  New statistics to follow progress on.  New muscle memory that my body had no idea existed before.  New ways to drive me insane.

I started back into training early December.  When I say started, I mean started over.  It took me a few weeks to be able to run without pain. Strava had a running challenge the last week of December to run 32 miles for the week and I accomplished it.  It felt good to get back out and run.  I also changed my nutrition in December and lost 12 pounds.  When I got measured today I was happy with the results.  As a 40 year old male I fell into the average category (yellow) with 20.4% body fat.  Now I have another number to be compulsive over which is GREAT(joking not joking).  Nutrition, exercise & positive attitude will always keep me on my quest to better myself.  I will do what it takes to accomplish my goals.

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