Just Running?

Ignorance is bliss.  The more I read, the more podcasts I listen to the more videos I watch the more I see that I won’t make my goals on, “Just Running.”  I have been pretty disciplined with my training the last 2 months.  I started over.  I had a hip flexor problem that got out of control and killed my running for months.  Walking was even an issue.  So I had to rethink everything.  Nutrition was changed.  I started running little by little.  Introduced some yoga and some strength training.  It gets adjusted as I learn but I am light years ahead of last year at this time.  I am not a coach.  I am not qualified to train a runner.  So I made a huge leap of faith.  I crossed over.  As into CrossFit.

Shout out!  I started at CrossFit Hereafter. Jake Stabley is the owner of the gym and is brave enough to take on an ultra runner as a project.  I thought I was in some type of shape.  Boy was I wrong.  After a few classes I feel like my muscles are dying a death of a thousand paper cuts.  I have never been so eager to torture myself.  When I leave the class I feel I have worked every part of my existence.  Very similar to how I feel after a long trail run.  Blood, sweat & tears but without the blood and extra sweat.

They say that it isn’t the destination it is all about the journey.  I have been taking my GoPro with me everyday.  I am going to piece together some videos and show everybody some of that journey.  I am going to put it on my Rosser Runs YouTube channel.  Please follow along and keep me motivated.

Be Awesome.  Inspire People.

6 thoughts on “Just Running?

  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow. I appreciate the support! this is awesome that another fitness person has found my blog! I am not much of a long distance runner but “back in my day” I used to run it, now only sprints and interval training more so than anything else. I see you have came into contact with another blogger whom I have had the chance to connect with “thehangryrunner”; she is awesome! I look forward to reading more post from you!



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