Distance or Elevation???

It’s the little thing in life that drive us crazy.  Since I don’t have a real coach I look towards the interwebs for direction.  What questions do I ask?  Who do I ask?  I either get so much information I can’t digest it or I get meaningless information.  So here is the dilemma.  The races I have this year are up to 100 miles but the elevation is equally as brutal climbing over 20,000 feet in one race.  So do I train distance heavy or elevation heavy?  Where is the balance?

Upcoming Races: PA Triple Crown

Eastern States 100 = 20,000+ of elevation gain.

World’s End 100k = 12,000+ of elevation gain.

Hyner View 50k = 4,300+ of elevation gain.

Generic math.  Say on hills I average 15 min miles.  That would be 4 miles per hour.  On regular road runs I will average 10 min miles.  That would be 6 miles per hour.  Here is the breakdown.

Hills 20 miles = 5 hours(ish)  around 5,000 feet of gain

Road 20 miles= 3 hours(ish)  around 2,000 feet of gain

Training is training.  I am just as destroyed after completing either or.  So what do I concentrate on the Distance or the Elevation?
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One thought on “Distance or Elevation???

  1. I struggle with the same question…so I try to incorporate both, and look at overall time spent week over week. My high elevation weeks may not be as mileage heavy, but I want the time on my feet to be at least equal (it usually ends up being a little more).


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