JAN 23-29 Recap

Strava. Strava. Strava.  This is the one tool I use to track all my training.  If I am doing yoga, core and stability I put it under workout.  I usually have a routine that takes around an hour to complete.  The dreadmill, road and trail is under a run.

I am looking at two things so far with my running.  Mileage of course.  I want to do something small around 30 miles on average a week.  That would include dreadmill and outdoors activities.  The other would be Elevation Gain.

Cumulative elevation gain – Wikipedia

In running, cycling, and mountaineering, cumulative elevation gain refers to the sum of every gain in elevation throughout an entire trip. It is sometimes also known as cumulative gain or elevation gain, or often in the context of mountain travel, simplygain. Elevation losses are not counted in this measure.


The above image is the elevation for Jan 23-29 from my Strava profile.  I did a hill repeat run on Saturday that was almost 1,500 feet of gain.  Most of my 5 mile routes are around 400 feet of gain.  So I would like to average around 1,000 feet of gain a week for the next month.

The Hyner View Trail 50k Challenge is my first scheduled race on April 22nd.  This race is around 4,300 feet of gain in the race.


February is going to be the last basic month for training.  I am still figuring out little things to tweak my plans for next month.   March I will have a daily calendar and some big time goals.
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